Final Project

For the final, you will be using data from five North Carolina counties to write a story that helps an audience understand some interesting context about this year’s elections.

The data sets you will use are:

  • Voter registration data (N.C. State Board of Election)
  • Election results data (N.C. State Board of Election)
  • U.S. Census data

(You must use at least two of these data sets. You may add other data sets if you choose.)

The requirements of the final assignment are:

  • A 1,500-word narrative news story
    • Adhere’s to AP Style, grammar, spelling, etc.
    • Must have clear news value — the “So What?” of the story
    • Must use data accurately and clearly.
    • Must link to the data you used so that your audience can replicate the story.
    • Uses at least three human sources, including at least one “expert” and one “lay voter”
  • One map
  • One other data visualization

You may use any tool to do the data analysis you need for your story.

Due: Friday, April 29, 3 p.m.

Story proposal memo due: Friday, April 1, 5 p.m.

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