JOMC 491: Data Driven Journalism

JOMC 551: Digital Media Economics and Behavior

JOMC 491: Social Media for Reporters

JOMC 491: Investigative Reporting

JOMC 491: Teaching Online News in the Secondary School

JOMC 491: Public Affairs Reporting for New Media
An APPLES service-learning course pairing students with N.C. news organizations to use new media techniques in pursuit of public affairs stories such as the state‚Äôs rising high school dropout rate. In Spring 2010, we partnered with four organizations that represented solutions that Len Downie and Michael Schudson put forth for “reconstructing American journalism” — Orange Politics, WUNC, N.C. Center for Voter Education, and UNC’s Program on Southern Life.

JOMC 463: Newsdesk

A collaboration with all news and editorial skills courses in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Students in Newsdesk serve as online news producers for a public Web site showcasing student work across media platforms.

JOMC 491: Online Newswriting and Editing

Examination of the changing behaviors and preferences of the U.S. news audience through a study of contemporary research and anecdotes from professionals. Practical skills emphasis on experience writing and editing for the Web and e-mail. Students develop techniques for innovating and leading change in newsrooms. Collaborate with students in Advanced Editing and Community Journalism classes.

JOMC 753: Reporting and Writing the News

An introductory class for Masters students at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication.

JOMC 253: Reporting

The introductory news reporting class in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Students learn how to select and interview sources, how to discover and understand public documents, and how to develop and pitch their own story ideas.

JOMC 153: Newswriting

The introductory class in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Students study of news story elements, writing of leads, organization and writing of various types of news stories.


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