Homework: Reading Reflections #7 – May 26


  • https://schoolofdata.org/handbook/courses/data-to-diagrams/
  • https://datadrivenjournalism.net/resources/A_Survival_Guide_for_Data_Visualisation
  • https://www.propublica.org/nerds/item/design-principles-for-news-apps-graphics
  • https://datadrivenjournalism.net/resources/How_to_Create_the_Perfect_Line_Chart
  • https://ire.org/resource-center/tipsheets/3660/
  • https://ire.org/resource-center/tipsheets/4434/

Congratulations, you’ve just completed four years of visual communication coursework in just one day. What could possibly go wrong?

On your blog just give me three bulleted lists — what you learned from these readings, what you already knew, and what you don’t understand or have questions about. Then find one example of good data visualization and one example of poor data visualization. What do you like and not like about each?


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