Homework: Incident Reports Questionnaire – May 22

We will start this assignment in class, but you will also need to work on it outside of class. In a Word document, answer the following questions and paste the SQL queries you used to get the answer for each question.

  1. How many records are in the database?
  2. How many fields?
  3. How many incidents for each police agency?
  4. How many crimes per year?
  5. Which agencies saw the biggest percentage increase in crime from 2012 to 2014?
  6. Which agency has the most reports that don’t name anyone involved in the incident?
  7. Who is the most common person reported as involved in an incident?
  8. How times was Kmart involved in an incident?
  9. How many crimes were reported during the 5 p.m. hour?
  10. How many total crimes were reported in the 27517, 27510 and 27514 zip codes?
  11. What is the oldest age of person involved in an incident?
  12. What is the youngest age?
  13. What is the average age?
  14. Create a list of the names of the 65-year-olds who were involved in incidents.
  15. How many people live in the zip code with the most crimes?
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