Homework: UNC Salaries Questionnaire – May 15

1. Download UNC_Salares_NandO_2015-05-06.csv

2. Answer these questions:

  1. How many columns are there?
  2. How many employees are in the database?
  3. What is the cell address of Susan King’s total salary?
  4. Who gets paid the most?
  5. Who gets paid the least?
  6. What is the total amount that UNC-CH employees get paid?
  7. What is the average total salary?
  8. What is the median total salary?
  9. How much more does the dean of JOMC make than the dean of Summer School?
  10. How much do all deans make?
  11. Whose non-state salary is highest, as a percentage of total salary?
  12. What is the average age of all employees?
  13. Among full-time, 12-month employees how many times more per month does the highest paid employee make than the lowest paid? What’s the reverse – the lowest paid employee’s monthly salary is what percentage of the highest paid?
  14. Who makes the most for their level of effort? (months and FTE status)?
  15. How many people work in housekeeping?
  16. What’s the total amount that UNC-CH pays people who work in housekeeping?
  17. What’s the average salary of someone that works in housekeeping?
  18. How many different departments are there?
  19. How many employees does each department have?
  20. What is the total amount that each department spends in salaries?
  21. Which department has the highest average salary?
  22. How many people of each age are there?
  23. What’s the average salary for each age?
  24. Split the names into two columns
  25. Put the date in MM/DD/YYYY format in a new field with the “Date” data type


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