Triple Filtered? That’s Smirnoff Ice. This Is Only a Double Filter.

First of all, I don’t even want to talk to you about this post’s headline. Unless you’re my therapist or in need of SEO consulting.

But I do want to bring you another attempt at headlines I’ve culled from my tech/social filters… and yet still don’t have time to read. Mashable and Romenesko still caught my eye the most this morning, but TechPresident and the PBS/Knight Foundation MediaShift IdeaLab (or whatever that very good site should be called) also added some variety to the mix.

So, without further ado. I filter these to you. Please filter them back to me.

15 Sites That Were Before Their Time GREAT reminder that what seems crazy today is often just ahead of its time…. and that a good idea doesn’t guarantee success… and that what’s hot today may soon be Friendster. I haven’t tried it. But want to. Any tips?

Yahoo Mail Comes to the iPad, HTML5-Style If I were hiring a designer today, I’d want her to be pretty darn good with HTML 5. Am I right about that? Also, I need to know more about the idea of local caching with HTML 5. After all, for text updates you don’t really need to be always jacked in to the Internet. You just need to connect when you want to send or receive new information.

Share and Track the Story of Any Object with Printable QR Codes The “Internet of Things” and QR codes fascinate me. Wondering how/whether journalists should help “things” tell relevant and memorable stories to humans.

The Chrome Web Store Is Coming, and Google Has Big Plans for It Dear editors, if you would today like to watch your newsroom developers flip out walk over to their workspace this morning and ask them to stop work on the iPad app and start working on the Chrome Web Store App. … Then go over and tell your publisher that the Google Chrome Web will give you 95 percent of the revenue from selling your app, rather than Apple’s 70 percent. Please Twitpic the scene and share it with us, won’t you?

Why Facebook and Apple Will Win the Q&A War and Meet Swingly, This Year’s “It” Search Startup [INVITES] I wasn’t even aware that there was a ‘Q&A War’ being waged. But I’m glad to hear there is. Unfortunately, I suspect most news organizations aren’t winning this war that they should be. Durn it if the smart/crazy question isn’t one of the only tools that really differentiates professional reporters from hobbyists and advocates. I’d love to see a news organization develop a news FAQ site (SEO magic)… but with the purpose of helping their readers ask more precise and more probing questions of each other.

Journalist’s Resource: New site to help journalism educators Haven’t yet checked out Harvard’s new site. What are the highlights?

Groupon-ing is relatively low-risk for magazine publishers, but… Groupon strikes me as a great idea for news publishers. For me (and I think for lots of folks, especially young people), news is no good unless it’s a shared experience. I need other people in my geographic or behavioral community to be informed as well. I’d push hard to get a group-rate on a subscription — especially if the news service was optimized for mobile and social.

Ushahidi Builds Community with 3 L’s: Listen, Learn, and Leverage I can’t learn enough about Ushahidi. I’m coming back to this first-person-account whether you filter it back to me or not. Ushahidi is all the rage among new media funders and pontificators, but remains relatively unknown among U.S. journalists (pro and am). I fear that most people will eventually be introduced to it when something bad happens “because” of it — I fear the impending arrival of a moment in Ushahidi’s life akin to the Web’s “child-porn” Time magazine cover moment or Wikipedia’s “Arthur Schlesinger” moment.

Daily Kos, the Email Program Thirteen years later and I’m still waiting for a good place that tracks and reports on under-the-radar targeted phone/email/postal mail political messages.

Greene: CSU fosters love of print journalism What to say? What to say?

Increased mobile Internet access dims the ‘app revolution’ Am I crazy to argue that only half of the attractiveness of accessing the Net via phone is mobility? I’d argue that phones’ “instant-on” (and thus limited features) are at least as important in driving this trend. Dear manufacturers: What I want is a big screen, with a real keyboard that boots in under 15 seconds. And allows me to download about 150 MB/day. For $5 a month.

NC not featured on must-read Tweet list Dear homestate members of Congress: Twitter isn’t about talking. It’s about replying and asking. Do that and you’ll make the list. Or my name isn’t Orville Redenbacher.

Poll: 25% of Americans trust print news Look, trust is down almost across the board. The only institutions trusted by a majority of Americans are the military, small businesses and police. How can skeptical journalists get concerned if they’ve created a skeptical public? To me, here’s the most frightening sentence in the report: “Younger Americans also expressed more confidence than older Americans in several other institutions tested, including Congress, the medical system, and the criminal justice system, suggesting younger Americans are more confident in institutions in general.”

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