Former UNC Student: ‘I Am a Blog (And So Can You!)’

My colleague Chris Roush has a nice interview with one of his former students who is trying to blog for cash.

Aaron Kremer launched at the beginning of the year, and he’s now reaching more than 1,300 readers a day through his Web site and via an e-mail service.

Roush gets Kremer to tell us how he did it… and how you can, too!

The keys appear to be these:

1. Find a niche and own it. All of it. All the time.

2. Get started by sacrificing your personal time and all your money.

This isn’t a business for the timid, my friends.

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One thought on “Former UNC Student: ‘I Am a Blog (And So Can You!)’”

  1. Not at all, Ryan. The best writers can write general interest pieces and have a general interest blog. My blog has smatterings of popular culture, sports with the occasional political aside. I average 3 readers a day. None very consistent. I’m not particularly consistent at writing it. The niche writing is the key. If you can post coherently on one topic consistently, like KC Johnson at Durham in Wonderland for example, you can gain a major following, but it involves surrendering your life to that one topic. My interests are intentionally diverse enough to make that laser like focus impossible.

    A credible idea is to use a blog for in depth reporting on local issues. Go to town council and zoning board meetings, discover interesting angles, develop stories that fit them. Too many local papers are choosing not to do this sort of shoe leather reporting. The laser like focus is in this case general enough to allow for some diversity of writing, while cornering a niche.

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