‘Think Romanesko When He Was 20’

Collegerag.net is a site launched yesterday by two UNC-Chapel Hill journalism students, Sara Gregory and Andrew Dunn.

They say: “We plan to highlight innovation, chronicle setbacks and analyze the business side of college newspapers. We also plan to look at how college journalists are lending their voices to the big stories of the day.”

A good idea, methinks. Congrats, Sara and Andrew. You and your blog subjects are the Future of News.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t also give a shout out to a great new multimedia site just launched by Tar Heel students. Andaman Rising is a collection of 15 student-produced multimedia stories about life in southern Thailand after the 2004 Asian tsunami. This kind of excellent multimedia documentary work is becoming so reliable here in Chapel Hill that I take it for granted. Congrats students. You, too, are the Future of News.

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